Monday, November 30, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Hang-over

Just htinking about Thanksgiving in New Zealand. Myself and my other American flatmate cooked up a complete American-Thanksgiving in Kiwiland. Turkey, mashed potatos, homemade cranberry sauce, and she even figured out a way to make Pumpkin Pie, and Pecan Pie - despite the lack of usual resource. For example, they don't sell the pumpikin-pie-in-a-can fixings, so she made it by actually cooking a pumpkin. And there was no corn syrup for the pecan pie, so we found something similar.

Then, after several calls to my grandmother back in New Jersey, about a day and a half either ahead or behind (I can't remember which it is now!) I found out her tricks for green beans, mashed potatos, and of course, the turkey!

This year was a wonderful Thanksgiving too - we spent it at a friends house - it's their new home, that they just bought, right in time for the holidays. Great food, fantastic friends, and bad little boys running up and down the stairs. Plus, more dessert than I'll eat in a year... actually made my teeth hurt. Y.U.M.!!!

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